Christians Helping Christians with Medical Expenses
This is NOT Health Insurance... It's Better!


Some Testimonials of this Ministry...

I am so thankful for your ministry. I had been married less than two months when a welding accident shattered my left lower leg. Thankfully they were able to save the leg, and two surgeries later they had put me back together. I arrived home five days later to the first of many bills already in our mail box, and thought, ďOkay, Lord, letís see how Youíll provide.Ē The hospital was very familiar with your Ministry, and took 40 percent off our bill, and was willing to wait for payment Ďtil my need was published. As soon as my need was published the checks started pouring in. I canít tell you how encouraging all the prayers and notes were, and what a blessing it was to have others help during my need.

As I sit here a year later, I have a clean bill of health from the doctor, and all the bills are paid. The Lord sure used believers all across this country to be a real blessing to us. What a faith-building reminder that, ďMy God shall supply all your needs.Ē Thank you all for being a part of it!

Merritt Acheson
Colville, WA

To say thank you is an understatement. The timely manner in which the funds were sent in to meet this need was a testimony in itself. The hospital was surprised at how quickly the debt was cleared after our accident in spring 2005. The auto accident my wife and I were in was unbelievable. We rolled several times across the median on Interstate 30. My neck was broken in three places and most of my ribs. Thanks to the answered prayers, God healed me. My wife suffered a broken arm that required surgery but because of Godís mercy, she was spared from more injuries.

Then in October 2005 while ministering in Helsinki, Finland, my back went out. I was flat on my back and in great pain. By the prayers of Godís people, I was able to make a trip to the states to have back surgery. The quickness of you, the share givers, was a testimony to those that do not understand this program. Thank you for all the prayers, cards and words of encouragement. Jessie and I have been able to share how this program works and now have a few friends in ministry that have become members of this ministry.

We are both healed from our injuries and able to minister to the field where God has called us. Again, thank you for all of the cards and words of encouragement along with the shares to pay the debt of my hospital bill. Please pray for our traveling safety, as our ministry requires for us to travel a good bit.

Joe and Jessie Morell
Mountain View, AR


Christians are helping Christians with medical expenses through a unique ministry that doesn't involve insurance.


* NOTE: The ruling by the Supreme Court does NOT change the approved status of this ministry.   As a Christian, this may be your absolute BEST option for Health Care Coverage.  


You can be a part of this growing network of believers faithfully applying Biblical principles. 


When we all work together, the burden on each of us is very light. As a result, since 1994 the monthly share has not exceeded $405.00 and is even lower for singles and couples!


Membership Type Monthly Share
Singles $180
Couples $360
Single-Parent Family $260
Two-Parent Family $405


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Please Note:  When you receive your packet of information and if you decide to sign up, will you please place the name of Norman Lawrence as the one who referred you?  Our family has used this program for over many years now, and have enjoyed referring others as well as receiving benefits for doing so, (and you can too.)  Many Thanks!


We believe Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Provider for all of lifeís needs. Individuals and families have the primary responsibility for their own health and decisions related to seeking health care. When they have burdens that are greater than they can bear, we firmly believe that the body of Christ, at the local church level first, and then in a broad corporate sense, should bear one anotherís burdens to fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2).

Members must be professing Christians who attend church regularly. They must agree to abstain from sinful practices such as drug abuse and sexual immorality. They must be accountable to a pastor or other church leader for the needs they submit.


If you are a committed Christian, you do not have to violate your faith by purchasing health insurance from a company that pays for abortions and other unbiblical medical practices. You can live consistently with your beliefs by sharing medical needs directly with fellow believers through this non-insurance approach. This approach even satisfies the Federal health care lawís (Affordable Care Act) requirement that you have insurance or pay a penalty-tax (see 26 United States Code Section 5000A, (d), (2), (B)).

The IRS will be issuing details explaining how your participation in health care sharing through this ministry will exempt you from the penalty-tax. Since those details will not be needed until 2015 when you file your 2014 tax return, it may be a while before the information is released. This ministry is working with the IRS to develop these procedures and will notify all of its members as soon as finalized.

Every month the more than 25,000 households of this ministry share more than $6 million in medical needs directlyóone household to another. They also pray for one another and send notes of encouragement. The monthly share for a family of any size has never exceeded $405, and is even less for singles, couples, and single-parent families.


So, fill out the form above and get started in great savings!


Some Testimonials of this Ministry...

I was amazed and blessed by how much doctors were willing to cut my bills simply because I asked. Three different offices cut my bills in half and even the hospital gave me more than 10 percent discount.

It is so nice receiving the checks in the mail from individuals along with notes of encouragement. Some even sent advice to help with the problem. It is so much more personal than conventional insurance and less hassle. It feels like a big family. I have been praying for the needs in the Prayer Guide. I will never meet those people or know if my prayers have been answered but I have to believe Godís Word that tells me He will answer. There is a connection there even though I donít know the people.

Nancy Runyon
Coldwater, MI

God gave us the opportunity to be able to give a gift to the unpublished request this month. It was our first time giving like this and I can't tell you what a blessing I felt! Writing that check and sending a card. As I read the newsletter and the thank you notes that are printed there, the folks often express how great it is to have such a personal touch...feeling so connected to the family of God. I felt just a bit of that this week, in the sending of my gift. Reminds me that when we obey God it always turns around to a blessing of us! Thanks for your work in this ministry. Your labor IS NOT in vain :)

Marjorie Johnson
Breezy Point, MN

This ministry was an answer to prayer as we searched for medical insurance or an alternative. We have not been disappointed. Itís a privilege to share in the needs of others both financially and also prayerfully. It is different knowing that the funds you send are going directly to a brother or sister in Christ rather than a big company making large profits. Iíve been on the receiving end as well. The Lord has provided for the medical expenses through our fellow members and itís encouraging to know that folks are praying for you and also to receive the caring notes. I hope I will never have to look elsewhere again.

We tell others often about Samaritan Ministries and encourage them to join. I greatly appreciate SMIís open mind to healthy eating, nutrition, etc. Thatís refreshing! I think itís key in returning to health or staying healthy.

Jane A. Camfield
Travelers Rest, SC